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Utu in reproachful gaze


As I looked across the Turanganui River at the monument to Te Maro on the flank of Titirangi maunga overlooking the port, a thought came into my mind; the demise of Te Maro occurred due to the action of a crew member from the Endeavour in response to perceived aggression — wouldn't it be quite ironic if one of the Endeavour sculptures was to be sited on the slipway island by the training wall, subject to the eternal superior, reproachful gaze from Te Maro on the hillside?

Whereas the Endeavour sculptures have been regarded by some as a symbol of domination by colonists, this location would put Endeavour firmly “in its place”.

Peter Wooding

  1. Jane Stringfellow says:

    Peter, “In its place?” I think you and so very many people of this community should read New Zealand History Nga korero a ipurangi o Aotearoa.
    Encounters Page 4 – Early meetings between peoples.
    It is so terribly wrong of people in this community to mislead and give false information regarding the arrival of Captain Cook and the crew of the Endeavour ship.
    To be allowed to depict a person, any person in this way is not acceptable and the continuation is unjust.