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Rail crucial for region


The excellent coverage in Saturday's Herald of the Beach Loop, Kopuawhara and Black's Beach sections of the rail south to Wairoa show that restoration of our rail line is not only feasible but crucial for the future development of Gisborne and the East Coast.

Procrastination by KiwiRail and the Government have only put up costs.

Strengthen the bridges and add more tunnels if necessary. Gisborne businesses would benefit, as would the people of Wairoa, Nuhaka and Mahia.

The $40 million for upgrading the Olympic Pool Complex should have been put into the railway line first.

The negativity must cease.

Let's get on with it — and if KiwiRail won't co-operate, contract the work to overseas companies.

Vaughan Powdrell

  1. Mike Beale says:

    Vaughan. Our pool will benefit this region more than the rail line ever will. Well at least in the next 50 years.