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2020 vision for ‘Everest’


Walking past the Anytime Fitness gym on Friday night, again I caught myself smiling at the wisdom on their carpark wall. “Less Hui More Doey.” Last year a story of when “whanaungatanga grows horns” was recounted to me by an exceedingly high-achieving Everest Challenger. I cannot begin to think of how many polite exchanges he must have endured. Clear to me, however, was that cumulatively they took the ultimate toll in terms of his personal milestone.

During social-distancing while climbing the Poho-o-Rawiri steep track, I was myself dismayed to encounter downhill traffic. Speaking teleologically, if there was anything Covid was sent to teach us it had to be “stay in your own bubble”. Certainly it would help my own future cause and that of at least one Titirangi “kaumatua” if the hill-climbing community were to agree on making the fast track to the top a one-way affair. Not unheard of, as this is already a formality with Queen's Drive.

Now that this event is indelibly marked on the local calendar, it must be well understood that good wishes are implicit amongst the climbers. Indeed I suggest that “less hui and more doey”, as afforded by keeping the fast-track for ascending climbers, can only add to the “wairua” of future occasions.

Mark Bird