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Issue is over fee level for associate members


Reading recent comments regarding the Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club's affiliation fees that are paid to the New Zealand Sports Fishing Council, I can't believe how much misinformation has already been printed and from those who should know better.

Reader Steve, I would suggest that perhaps you should also do your homework; the club does relatively well at keeping members informed on most matters. Benefits mentioned by one person have been readily available from the club office but I don't believe many have taken up these offers. I know for one I can do and have done better than what the NZSFC is offering.

I wonder if Mr Webb is more concerned about belonging to the NZSFC rather than what is best for the future of the fishing club. Just so readers can be clear of the facts on this matter, club members or the committee have never been opposed to paying said amount to the NZSFC for full financial voting members. What they are opposed to is paying the same level for associate members.

The NZSFC board has been aware that this is a contentious matter for almost 10 years, not just for the GTSFC but some of the other big clubs in New Zealand too. They have systemically failed in their duty to resolve this imbalance, hence the matter culminated in a special general meeting to discuss the options presented.

We can get into the semantics of the pros and cons of belonging to the NZSFC, but the crux of the matter is the level of affiliation fees the club pays and whether or not we are getting value for money for being affiliated.

Mr Yeoman is incorrect in his comment that it is stipulated in the club constitution that the club be affiliated; the constitution only says that the GTSFC has to liaise with the NZSFC and any other organisation mentioned.

To those seeking to play this out in the media, may I suggest that you take this up with the club committee and not seek to discredit the club or persons publicly?

Stan Mabbutt