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Dose of realism needed


Re: GDC needs to learn from cost blowouts, May 16 editorial.

I agree with the editor.

The council staff, councillors and “ginger groups” seem to be living with Alice in Wonderland.

Regarding the wastewater treatment project, we cannot afford a New Zealand-leading design whose cost goes up every six months.

Olympic Pool Complex — repair it but don't create a $46m facility.

Upgraded Waipaoa Flood Control Scheme — definitely needed to protect jobs and businesses on the Flat, plus protecting the city itself. But how did the council get the costs so wrong?

With unemployment rising and demand from foodbanks increasing, council staff, the CEO and councillors need to wake up and face facts.We cannot afford to carry on thinking like we are living in a fantasy land. We cannot expect central government to bail us out. They will not trust the GDC's costings!