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Re: Countdown changes hours, limits stock — March 21 story.

My concern is I am retired and unable to walk due to an accident back in November last year. I have since then been so grateful for the online ordering.

I was back in hospital last week, came home Thursday.

I did my usual order online and found the checkout for online orders is closed till next Friday.

Today (Saturday) I have been checking online for an opening every hour as I need to place an order, and so far nothing.

Now due to Covid-19 my husband and I are in the group required to stay at home.

In the past I could do online and have it the same day or next; it was my choice and has never a been problem.

I understand and really feel for the stress this would be for Countdown management and staff.

I just ask that those able please do so and allow us who are unable, and depend on online shopping, to be able to shop.

Glennys Rutherfurd

Thank you Countdown. Hope Foodstuffs follows your lead. I have been in this industry for 27 years and have never experienced anything like it — abusive, arrogant and selfish customers make it very trying when we are just trying to get products on the shelves as quickly as possible.

Cheryl Wilson, Taihape

The public are their own worst enemy. These changes have been forced upon the stores. We have a pandemic, not a famine. Why are people so ignorant? Weekend closures could happen, then what?

Perhaps a structured timetable in all suburbs to stop people from shopping outside their area may also be necessary. Bombarding stores is going to create the spread. I believe even more needs to be done. And done now.

Teena Murray

Manurewa East

I understand this and agree to a certain degree. But my question is what about us large families where x2 products is not going to feed us all? As I have five children and two adults living at home, my normal shop that I do every week is now getting me looks as though I'm stockpiling — when I'm not. I have three teenagers who all eat a lot. How is this going to help the larger families?

Tracy, Waikato

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  1. Bob Hughes says:

    Teena nailed it with her “We have a pandemic, not a famine”.
    Takes me back to WW2, early 1942 just after America and Japan entered the war and the Pacific became a battle-ground, disrupting shipping.
    Food rationing resulted. The wife of one of dad’s cobbers got wind that butter was to be on the list and purchased a whole case of it. Few households had no home fridges and freezers in those days – I know most of it went rancid.
    Can’t help but wonder how much of this lot of the Covid-19 panic hoardings will end up as unused waste.
    The old saying waste not want” was part of our lives in those old days
    I could go on but I’ll leave it there.