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Quarantine where they land


Jacinda Ardern and her Government have been very proactive with Covid-19 but the numbers are rising and we have cases in the provinces now.

To prevent this scourge of misery through GodZone, all Kiwis travelling home should be made to quarantine where they land. The motels have emptied out of tourists, so there must be available places to house the “possibles”.

Not all of us are honest and caring people. Don't assume they will all voluntarily “self isolate” when they eventually get home!!

Let's keep our little slice of paradise as virus-free as possible.

Jules Hansen

  1. Nina says:

    I totally agree with you on this Jules. It would have cost a lot to put people up in hotels and motels but in the end it would have saved money, as people would be safely in isolation and this would have dramatically reduced the spread of Covid-19 – and it would be much easier to track and monitor who has it and treat those who become unwell. It would have been good to have this measure in place at least 2-3 weeks ago.

  2. ALAIN JORION says:

    The Warriors rugby league team had stayed to play inter-region games in Australia to keep playing a contact sport. They flew home to NZ and are now considering flying back to Australia. What a risk to all of us! This is just plain dumb. I suggest the Government lock them down either in NZ or refuse their return to NZ. They are doing what pretty well no other team is doing throughout the whole world.