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Divert money for tourism to wastewater upgrade


Re: Pandemic could delay rates rise, March 19 story.

Perhaps GDC on behalf of the ratepayers of Tairawhiti could make out an application for funding to Trust Tairawhiti (who offer funding for community assets and projects of significance).

In my opinion the wastewater treatment plant upgrade is an ongoing project of significance for all in the Gisborne district. Would it not make sense for the trust to pay towards the plant upgrade and ease the burden off the ratepayers of Gisborne?

I am pretty sure there will not be any funding required for tourist ventures in the next 12 to 18 months, so is it worth spending any more money on beautifying the city for tourists? That seems such a waste of money when we have vital infrastructure to take care of.

H. Hannam

  1. G R Webb says:

    I suggests that H. Hannam has a look at the Trust Tairawhiti Deed of Trust and decides whether the Trust has power to make a grant for the purpose outlined.

    1. H. Hannam says:

      I am only mentioning this for the good of our community . . . infrastructure first! We are all owners of Trust Tairawhiti and maybe it’s time for us to have a say . . . bugger tourism.

      1. Delwyn Arthur says:

        I totally agree with you – why is Gisborne spending so much on attracting tourists when we do not have the infrastructure?
        This is now irrelevant for the next year or so anyway so yes, use the funds on something long-term and necessary.
        The legal aspects could always be sorted, and anyway in the past it seems creative solutions have been utilised when seen necessary.