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A clear, present danger to young lives


Re: Criticisms challenged, March 11 letter in response to “Concerned ramp user”.

Lara, whether the writer used their name or not is beside the point — some people want to use a nom de plume and it is at the discretion of the editor to publish or not.

May I suggest you do some research on this subject. There have been many letters to the paper, comments on the GDC Facebook page and just recently an article in The Gisborne Herald highlighting the concerns of the boating community and the dangers facing swimmers.

There is a clear and present danger to young lives, and there are many adults down there watching and not taking any responsible action. Yes, swimmers have been making it home but there have been near-misses — and what if one of them doesn't make it home, who's at fault then?

Having just attended a six-monthly meeting called by the Gisborne Harbourmaster, one of the subjects discussed was how to solve the problem of kids swimming at the boat ramp and inner harbour.

The solution put forward by GDC/Eastland Port is to build a dedicated jumping platform on wharf 4, which is the area between the inner harbour ramp and the corner where cruise ship tenders berth.

Now let's be clear, encouraging kids to swim and jump there hasn't fixed the problem, it has just shifted it 20m further along from the ramp. If this is supposed to be solution they are sadly mistaken — it will only be an encouragement, as kids will still see the ramp as an easy place to swim.

The Harbourmaster also stated the toilet block had been vandalised by said groups of kids.

Gisborne District Council, Eastland Port, police and councillors still fail to see the seriousness of this issue or take any responsibility.

GDC bylaws are actually quite clear about swimming and diving in the harbour. If GDC condones the breaking of its own bylaws, what message does that send to everyone else regarding bylaws?

Just to reiterate, GDC and Eastland Port have failed the boating community on both adequate trailer parking and the dangers of the kids swimming.

Craig Miller