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Gross littering along SH35


You see more from a bike. Going slower, it's easier to focus on the middle distance. So a bike ride up the Coast road can be quite revealing. It's not that flash!

Along many sections, notably along Whangara, one is treated to the joy of heaps of soiled nappies grossly discarded and littering the roadside. This is evident over a considerable distance and with the quantity, must have gone on for quite some time.

In what world is it even remotely acceptable to simply toss one's literal crap parcels out the window and into the open environment?

We so want to carry and boast the regional pride most of us have in Our Place. But there are a few lazy, inconsiderate oinks out there who really don't deserve to co-exist with us as they certainly don't share our values and standards.

I find it hard to believe anyone could find this acceptable. It isn't, so don't do it!!

Andy Cranston