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What right to exploit marine world?


P. Davis believes I am “so wrong in assuming that fish are continually being hunted down”. Really?

Only on Friday I pointed to a recent Radio New Zealand report highlighting concern that tarakihi may soon be fished out, and the Eastern Tarakihi Management Strategy and Rebuild Plan 2019 where science shows a long-term gradual decline of tarakihi on the east coast of New Zealand.

Also last week I ate humble pie. I admitted fishing was common amongst my family and friends, and as a church-goer we have the Holy Bible condoning fish dying by the netload in the New Testament.

It's just that I hate the thought of killing anything, especially for fun, and can't help but wonder what right an animal from the land has to exploit the marine world so.

Recreational fishing does take a toll, like it or not, and thank you P. Davis for reminding readers of the daily legal bag limits.

From The Fisheries website: Everyone who fishes recreationally in New Zealand has a legal requirement to follow the recreational fishing rules. The rules change regularly — so check the rules for your fishing area every time you head out fishing . . .

Yes indeed, as the heading put it, “Can't hunt continually” matches the statistics of a steady decline in the big catches, and the number of fish left in the sea.

So recreational fishers, please consider all this when you go fishing and go easy on our marine environments.

Bob Hughes

  1. Stewart Patrick says:

    Bob, rest your mind as a church-goer. The Bible/Scripture is very clear that man and woman are not created animals, but “God created human beings; he created them godlike, reflecting God’s nature. He created them male and female.” (Genesis 1:27 Message). We are “human beings” created for His Holy Spirit within our spirit. Christianity is a revelation and relationship in the spirit of a man/woman. That’s foundational for all that follows…

  2. Bob Hughes says:

    Yes, indeed Stewart Patrick. “We are human beings”
    I do go to church. I also believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution.
    We are also mammals belonging to a subgroup of primates who all share a common ancestor.
    Humans, of all other species, are said to have the greatest capacity of thought and reason. But sometimes I wonder.