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Pooch’s pile left in CBD


I love dogs but sometimes dog owners bring their “best friend” into inappropriate locations with no intention of being responsible about cleaning up their poo. I wrote the following poem on Tuesday after experiencing a repeat situation within the Gladstone Road shopping area.

I shopped on Gladstone Road

today within the central city

I saw you strolling with your dog —

the scene was almost pretty,

But as I watched, your pooch did

pause and left a smelly pile

Then both of you continued on

your walk for quite some while.

I wondered why you did not stop

and clean the pile away

But then I know you do not care for

the mess you left today

It was not long before I saw this

mess tramped door to door

Children's feet and mother's shoe

covered in your poo.

I wanted to ask why you brought

your darling pooch to town

But I fear the response will only be

a cuss and angry frown

So if you must shop with your dog,

care enough to leave no waste

Carry a simple clean-up bag and

keep our city a pleasant place.

Or better still please walk your dog

in places fresh and grassy green

Where if you really do not care —

at least it won't be seen.

Barry Sanders