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Line will be resilient


Re: Rail resilience vital, my estimate $200m — January 16 column.

In each letter/opinion piece that we have read over the past few years from Merv Goodley, his estimate of the dollars is more exaggerated. Fortunately, though, the Government will not need to rely on Merv's estimates or opinions when deciding whether to reinstate the Wairoa to Gisborne section of the Palmerston North to Gisborne railway line.

The PGF-BERL Turanga ki Wairoa Rail Feasibility Study provides the answers to the questions asked at the outset — how much will it cost to fix, and is it economically feasible.

The answers are provided by the economists and engineers who are the best in this field and have experience in similar assessments.

The report notes the importance of reinstating the railway line in a way which will have improved resilience to weather events. Severe weather events, and earthquakes/slips etc, will cause damage to the line in the future, as such events cause damage to roads and rail lines anywhere else, but vulnerable sites would be made more secure as part of the initial “resilient reinstatement”.

Gillian Ward

Gisborne Rail Action Group