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Hospital waste concern


On November 11, 2019 a healthcare assistant parked a laundry bag trolley outside my room in ward 8 at 5.15pm. She emptied the yellow hazard waste bag into the white bag on the trolley. I asked her what she was doing. She pulled a brown paper rubbish sack from the laundry bag and said the yellow plastic bags were getting too expensive so she was transferring them into brown bags, and other areas were doing the same.

I am concerned that hazardous waste is going into landfill somewhere when it should be dealt with separately and incinerated — that is where the cost is for the hospital. It seems to me that the certain parties at the hospital have found a way to save money and are not caring where they are dumping hazardous waste.

Philip Derbyshire

Footnote response:

Hauora Tairawhiti has procedures in place for managing the disposal of hazardous waste, which are regularly monitored. These procedures are regularly reviewed in line with current standards.

Hauora Tairawhiti does not dispose of hazardous waste in landfill. Hauora Tairawhiti is happy to discuss directly with the writer of the letter.