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So, was Berl report a waste of time?


Re: Railbike fate in Govt's hands, January 9 story.

How appropriate that Geoff Main should refute the result of the $300,000 BERL report, paid for by the Provincial Growth Fund, to progress his own use of a valuable asset.

It is obvious that Trust Tairawhiti would prefer that the rail be closed by their, and likewise your paper's (shown by your high-profiling), endorsement of Mr Main's scheme. Are we to presume that the $300k spent on the report, which was positive to reopening the rail for freight and a passenger service, was a total waste of time?

Wynne Brown

  1. Murray Jones says:


    Who benefits from it remaining closed to (commercial) trains?

  2. Lloyd Gretton, Auckland says:

    The puzzle to me is why does a report on the feasibility of a railway track cost $300k? I would have naively thought the cost didn’t need the k – just an app and captain Google.