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So, was Berl report a waste of time?


Re: Railbike fate in Govt's hands, January 9 story.

How appropriate that Geoff Main should refute the result of the $300,000 BERL report, paid for by the Provincial Growth Fund, to progress his own use of a valuable asset.

It is obvious that Trust Tairawhiti would prefer that the rail be closed by their, and likewise your paper's (shown by your high-profiling), endorsement of Mr Main's scheme. Are we to presume that the $300k spent on the report, which was positive to reopening the rail for freight and a passenger service, was a total waste of time?

Wynne Brown

  1. Murray Jones says:


    Who benefits from it remaining closed to (commercial) trains?

  2. Lloyd Gretton, Auckland says:

    The puzzle to me is why does a report on the feasibility of a railway track cost $300k? I would have naively thought the cost didn’t need the k – just an app and captain Google.

  3. Dave says:

    Either reinstate the line or open it as an open bike trail. The potential for it to be an amazing bike trail is enormous. Unlike the rail trail down south, this could be used all year round. It would also bring in more tourists and jobs. As for the Berl report, you pay me enough and I’ll produce figures for you.