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Not quite so generous


Re: State house spruce-up, January 4 story.

An analysis on the generosity of Kainga Ora.

In the Gisborne region it has 1249 housing units each paying on average $200 per week, or $10,000 per year. We can remove rates and insurance of approx. $3000 per year, leaving $8,743,000 in profit.

Perhaps $1.4m for repairs and improvements doesn't sound quite so generous, and with the remaining $7,343,000 they could build more housing for our homeless and over-crowded community.

I wonder where the profits are going, when the Government is forgoing a dividend.

w. brown

  1. Lloyd Gretton, Auckland says:

    Not a lot of people know that Housing New Zealand no longer exists. In its place is an amalgamation of several state organisations including the former Housing New Zealand. The new organisation Kainga Ora’s main emphasis appears to be observing the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. The tenants of the ex-Housing New Zealand were not consulted. They have been informed this is just a change of name. From my working experience, I observed tenants had excellent relations with their state landlord which was committed to housing New Zealanders. This new sprucing up must be a house cleaning for a new regime. I would wait with foreboding.