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Paradise interrupted . . .


Reading The Gisborne Herald, Hamish Pinkham pat yourself and team on the back for another fantastic festival, they seem to be getting bigger and better. It sounded as though you sucked in some amazing bands/DJs and of course the numbers too. One has to agree it is great for the Gizzy economy. Isn't it wonderful we live in paradise.

I had to go to A&E on New Year's Eve at 3am and was dreading it, thinking to myself I wouldn't be seen for ages as it would be full of festival-goers. I was in and out, many thanks to the incrediable hospital staff.

It was a different picture when I had to go back for an ultrasound later in the day. A&E was full of self-inflicted idiots; I felt for the hospital staff.

Hamish, I was shocked to hear cans were $10 each at the festival — no wonder they preload. Festival-goers who had been drinking were on the riverbank by the rail bridge being horrible to the bridge jumpers. When I got my phone out to take a photo they disappeared.

You mentioned that some people complained about the lack of bands; I have to agree — you are never to old to boogie to a live band, just love it!

Do hope you are picking up my vibes that I would love to have family back in Gisborne for Christmas and New Year's. Have you ever considered having the festival later? eg, January 14, 15, 16 of 2021 . . . and please cap the numbers and festival days in a written contract with the GDC, Police etc. Don't be greedy now.

I feel for the elderly trying to get supplies and getting to the doctor, etc. Maybe you could start up a free oldie uber.

Hey Mr Pinkham and team, I am a born-and-bred Coastie and would love to go to an R&V concert some year. I'm not too old.

I just had to vent for myself and others.

Wendy Arnaboldi