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Ordinary, different, it’s OK.

What’s wrong with being ordinary?

Let me tell you. Nothing, there is nothing wrong with being ordinary.

What is ordinary? Ordinary is something that can’t even be defined, it doesn’t fit into any category and it comes in many shapes and sizes.

But society’s most common definition (or misconception if you’d rather) of “ordinary” seems to be a person with brown eyes and dark hair. Each person who bears these traits seems to fit into this neat little category. Well, I have news for you society! This isn’t ordinary and no matter how hard you try, we will never fit neatly into this group. We are more than just “ordinary”, our worth and value isn’t determined by the way we look, it’s determined by what’s found inside, the spirit and the soul of a person.

“Brown eyes” are anything but normal. Sure blue eyes are mentioned in every song and every poem out there compares them to the sea. But your eyes, your eyes are two orbs of amber, copper and onyx. Those normal eyes of yours, are the gold people try so desperately to find and pull from the ground. Sure blue eyes hold the depth of all the oceans but brown eyes carry a weight far too heavy for even the ocean to sweep away.

Honey, your eyes are anything but ordinary.

“Blondes have more fun” seems to be the most common phrase about hair. But science begs to differ; darker hair has more charm than people give it credit for. Dark hair has always been considered attractive but was particularly favoured in the 1600s and women sought after the hair colour. Your hair, long, short, straight, curly is beautiful in every way. (The late Marilyn Monroe said “It takes a smart brunette to play a dumb blonde”.)

I like to compare people to snowflakes; like people snowflakes are very similar. On the outside yes the snowflakes tend to look different, but internally they are very similar if not exactly alike. I think people are very much the same, each has an internal composition that is almost identical. Yet these very minor differences that we can’t even see occurring inside are what make us unique and diverse on the outside.

Also, you looking different isn’t bad, it’s actually quite the opposite. These differences whether they be in skin/hair colour, or even the way your teeth align. These are the thing that set you apart from the crowd and it’s good to stick out because there’s nothing better you can do than be YOU. Nothing is worth more than an original; not a copy of that girl with the smaller waist or the blonder hair —nothing. An original will always be worth more than a copy, so say what you want to say, wear what you want to wear, be who you want to be. You are beautiful in every way; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise even yourself.