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What I love about summer

There’s something about summer most of us love, whether it be the warm weather, long days, clear skies or beaming sunlight.

Lucky for me, summer is just around the corner. As long as I can remember, summer has been my favourite season, with so many benefits that in my eyes, make it the best season!

I enjoy the beautiful red and orange leaves falling from deciduous trees during autumn, the blossoming flowers during springtime and the blazing fires, hot chocolates and movies in the heart of winter.

As a student, the beginning of summer signals the end of the school year, bringing a much needed long, relaxing holiday. So what do I love most about summer?

I love the . . .

Strong sunlight, streaming down from above

Cold, tantalising treats — icecream, iced chocolates and smoothies

Fun, family gatherings

Glistening, warm, glimmering sand

Shining, cool, shimmering ocean

Long, lively days

Monumental memories made

Fridays spent with friends, frying in the sun

Clear night skies, the countless stars

Travels and trips away

Marvellous, magnificent music

Spectacular and stunning, exciting and exhilarating adventures!