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Answer questions now, cry later

THERE are many different types of people when it comes to exams.There are the people who walk in with full confidence with no doubts about what they’re doing; the people who have studied and hope they do well; and the people who are crapping themselves and hope they don’t fail. So what can be done to get people to be more confident when taking exams?

Many people I know study weeks in advance, revisiting their subjects and getting help from their teachers with those little things that they don’t understandFind past exam papers and complete as many of those as possible, in some cases the questions are the same each year but worded differentlyGet together with friends who are taking the same exam and discuss with them things you don’t understand, they’ll have questions and answers tooThe night before the exam briefly go over your work, don’t go too hard as it’s good to get some sleep before an examBe sure you have all the equipment you need such as pens, calculator, ruler, etcIf you are confident you are going to get an achieved grade, don’t be scared to aim for a higher markWhen sitting the exam, try not to fidget with your pen too much. It could distract others who are also nervousIf you need to cry, politely raise your hand to go to the toiletAnd remember, answer everything. Sometimes you can get a partial mark for trying to answer the questionI hope you do well with your exams! And please, don’t crap yourself and don’t burst into tears over your exam paper, there is time for that afterwards.