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Learner's licence jitters

EVER since I turned 16 last year there was immense pressure to get my learners as everyone around me had passed or was practising.

I joined in for a while, downloaded the app and started reading the road code over the summer holidays with a friend whose 16th birthday was coming up.

We started back at school for year 12 and people were driving on their restricted or had got their learners and I seemed like an outsider in the year for not having it after five months of being 16.

It got to six months and I did practice tests once or twice a week, all the way till the eighth month. I came to the realisation that I was soon to be 17 and I still hadn’t got my learners and people much younger than me could now drive, but I still wasn’t confident enough to go.

More time passed and my boyfriend, whose birthday was five months after mine, got his learners, and I realised I needed to hurry up. I realised quickly after this I was so scared of failing that it stopped me from trying altogether.

After 10 months of being 16 I woke up one morning completely confident, it was rather strange. I told no one about going, not even my boyfriend because I didn’t want anyone to know and ask how it went if I failed.

I went after school feeling no nervousness at all and passed with flying colours — 35 questions right out of 35 — and I completed it in under five minutes.

So from my story I have some advice for anyone that is coming up to 16, or is scared to sit their learners. It’s OK to be scared!

I think I found it’s really important that you don’t give in to the pressures from your friends and you do it when you are ready, not when they think you are.