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Is indecisiveness a curse? I can't decide

Today I will be writing about my favourite movie of all time or about my favourite book, yes yes but I have too many to pick just one.

Gosh I am so indecisive, why can’t I just decide? Are you indecisive? Indecisive, if you can’t already tell, means you suck at decision making and really struggle to make up your mind, but if you do end up deciding after maybe five years, you will then doubt your decision and change your mind again and again.

To sum it up it is the definition of Alex Andrews. Nearly every day I am thrown into a situation where I just can not decide. I think you can agree with me when I say indecisive people are just so frustrating to deal with, never making up their minds, toying with your emotions. As an indecisive person I would like to apologise on behalf of all us.

But surely there is a reason to why we behave this way? Throughout this essay I will cover what indecisive people really want you to know, what causes indecision and how to cure the unwanted illness. Heck maybe we will both learn something.

Some decisions in life are major and others insignificant, some obvious while others require a bit more thought. But for indecisive people, all choices have one thing in common: they feel impossible to make.

But let’s get one thing straight. I can easily decide what I will have for breakfast or when I should wash my hair.

Little decisions that do not require much thought and will not have a major impact on the future are very easy decisions, and are an indecisive person’s dream.

I know you may think that an indecisive person is hard to read, always changing their minds like they change clothes. Today is your lucky day as I will be covering what they really want you to know.

Firstly as odd as it may seem, we prefer to go with the flow. I am sure you have all been in a situation where you have put the indecisive person in charge. What were you thinking?! If you want to make life alot easier you will not do that again, it will save time and energy.

Secondly you should probably know that we are people pleasers at our core. This is definitely my weakness when it comes to being an indecisive person. I’m always worried I will upset someone with the decisions I make. With making a decision we pretty much get everyone’s opinion before we figure out our own. My Oma, Opa, mum, dad and a whole bunch of friends must be so sick of the amount of times I have asked for their opinion.

Yes, I know it may be annoying but it actually helps us make an informed decision, so thank you.

This leads me onto my next point; indecisive people are very reflective. We always think long and hard about the decisions we make before we make them, obviously. Take my dad for example, he’s also an indecisive person but a lot worse than me.

He is currently in a major predicament because he has to find the perfect light for my room. He has done all his research, asked around for advice, gone to the shops at least six times looking at the same lights and he still can not seem to pick one! I mean there is nothing wrong with thinking over your options but you see my dad hyas been over thinking this too much, which is why I have gone without a light fitting for so long.

When we finally make a decision, we at first feel confident about our choice and then after a while the doubt starts to kick in. Do you think I made the right choice? Did I really need an $80 eyeshadow? The answer is no, no you did not but you know there is no point stressing over things you can not change.

Wow I give the best advice, it is so funny how I never listen to it.

Okay so lastly indecisive people feel really accomplished when they’ve made an efficient decision. Gosh, it is the best feeling knowing that you made the right choice I wish that happened often.

Okay so hopefully by now you can relate to this or maybe you have come to the realisation that I am crazy, but either way I’m sure you are wondering the same thing - why are people indecisive?

Now I was very curious myself, why am I constantly struggling to make a decision? Is it because our globalised world made us spoilt for choice? Or is it more psychological? Did you know that indecision is actually a mental disorder, well so I have read. The correct term is Aboulomania which means you are someone who displays pathological indecisiveness. It is typically associated with anxiety, stress, depression etc. but hey let’s not self-diagnose ourselves people.

I am sure we each have our own reasons as to why we are indecisive but I have found some of the most common.

Firstly you are probably indecisive because you fear taking up responsibilities. This means you are terrified of making the wrong choice and dread dealing with the consequences. We have strict parents and over-protective environments to thank for this! Often, overprotective parents decide everything for their children which does not help when their children grow up and need to make their own decisions.

Reason number two, indecisiveness can be caused by making a wrong decision in the past. If you are human you have made a mistake before. For some people those mistakes may have really backfired and knocked their confidence. Like if someone crashed their car for example, I am sure it would be really scary and stressful getting behind the wheel again. Not speaking from personal experience either - or am I?

Thirdly, you are most likely indecisive because you lack confidence and self trust. Lacking the confidence to make a decision is like ending up at a cross road with yourself. You tend to doubt anything and everything which always leads to no decision made at all. I think we all know I could talk forever about this as there are endless reasons as to why people are indecisive but I know you do not have all day.

Alrighty so it is the moment you have all been waiting for. As I, Alex Andrews will share how you can overcome this blasted curse. Now I hope you do not think I have this amazing magical secret because if that was the case I would not be indecisive right now. So of course I have done my research and I have found some things that will hopefully benefit you and I greatly.

Step one, let go of perfection. If we stop striving for perfection 24/7 and accept the fact that we are not perfect, then making decisions will come a lot easier. You will feel free from everyone’s expectations which will free you from indecisiveness.

Step two, listen to your emotions. Go with your gut instincts my friend and things will be a lot easier. If a decision does not feel right it probably is not so trust those feelings and go with it.

Step three, practise makes progression. One way to work up the courage to take bigger risks is by dealing with small decisions. Mastering that will give you that confidence boost to tackle bigger decisions that come your way.

Well I suppose I should probably mention that indecisiveness is not as bad as it seems. It makes you step back and really evaluate your choices rather than impulsively making one. I guess you could say I don’t mind being indecisive but you know there are times when I really wish I was not.