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Dichondra silver falls the star in city planters

Gisborne District Council's 'garden team' enjoying positive public feedback.

THE CBD is blooming.

Gisborne District Council's “garden team” are enjoying positive public feedback concerning the colourful large flower beds in the city centre, with the Dichondra silver falls “being the star of this summer season”.

Council amenity and horticulture supervisor Belen Ballester said staff had paid special attention to the planters in the CBD and enjoyed receiving many compliments from the public.

“We put so much effort into these gardens, so it's nice for the team to receive this feedback.”

“It's good to know the community is saying how gorgeous the pots are looking.

“We feel proud of the hard mahi we are doing.”

Maintenance work includes regular watering, feeding the planters with seaweed every 15 days, keeping them tidy and free of weeds, deadheading to promote the growth of new flowers and trimming.

“We also carefully consider the design and which species will be used for the following season.

“We look for a combination of colours and shapes and draw from past experience to know what works well in these planters.”

Ms Ballester said Dichondra silver falls had been used in the past “but we didn't achieve the cascade effect seen this year, so we are proud of the result”.

Mayor Rehette Stoltz said she had also positive public feedback.

“I am proud of how our council recreational teams have worked tirelessly leading into the busy season to prepare not only our CBD, but also our other gardens and reserves for the summer season

“Feedback have been very positive and the beautiful flower pots in the CBD have been particularly popular and added a bit of vibrancy to the city streets.”

Te Hapara Garden Club member Bev Miller said herself and daughter Amanda, visiting her home town during the holidays, had both commented favourably on the flower pots.

They looked nice and colourful and beautified the CBD.

Mrs Miller said the flower pots reminded her of what she had seen in Germany with colourful and low-hanging gardens.

But she enjoyed the cascading nature of the Dichondra silver falls.

It was a good team who was responsible for the flower pots, she said.

The Gisborne Herald has also received positive feedback though Letters to the Editor.

One writer said the flowers and other plants in the planters looked fabulous. “Thank you to whoever designed and planted the plants.”

Another letter from “visitors from Tauranga” said the large pots in the main street looked beautiful.

“Well done those responsible for them.”

FLOWER POWER: Gisborne District Council's 'garden team' of (from left) Angela Fischer, amenity and horticulture supervisor Belen Ballester, Mulatama Mulafiatama, Kees Albers-Connolly and David Murphy appreciate the positive feedback concerning the colourful flower beds decorating the city centre. Council staff, mayor Rehette Stoltz and the Gisborne Herald have all received complimentary feedback. Staff had worked tirelessly to add vibrancy to the city, said the mayor. Picture by Rebecca Grunwell

  1. Tucha says:

    Indeed, it is a beautiful site when going to the CBD – it makes me smile. Well done to the team involved in making them so beautiful. Can someone think and inspect the median strips and some roundabouts because they look awful!!! I don’t mean to turn a good positive situation into a bad one, but they do need attention!!!

  2. Irene Bradford, Palmerston North says:

    Stunning planters within the city centre of Gisborne – you definitely know how to make a town look BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Mia Biddle-Maru says:

    Thank you for keeping our town looking beautiful. Those creeping plants in the round planters through town look soo pretty 😍😍😍.. Thank you for your time, our town looks ataahua xx

  4. Tania Tonks (nee Gray, of Gisborne), Levin says:

    Very proud, what a neat, positive and very welcoming sight for the Gisborne people. I hope I get to see it in reality one day

  5. Raul, Argentina says:

    From Argentina we are very proud of Belen and her hard work in Gisborne. She is a stronghold, and she looks very happy in the picture . . .