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Pool-loving Lillian 'full of life'

Child at centre of frightening pool accident is thriving - and back in the water.

The child at the centre of a frightening freak pool accident is back in the water and “full of life”, after being resuscitated by the combined efforts of her mother, grandmother and ambulance staff.

On Tuesday, young mum Jennifer Koia was keeping a watchful eye on her pool-loving four-year-old daughter Lillian when a Covid-19 update came through on her phone. After watching the video for just seconds she knew something was not right as she could not hear her child singing in the pool.

Looking up from her phone she saw Lillian stuck upside down in an inflatable pool toy.

“It had tipped upside down and she could not get herself out,” Jennifer told The Herald yesterday.

“As soon as I saw her legs up in the air I ran and pulled her out and she was unconscious, no sign of life.

“I yelled out to my mum for help and she came out and just guided me to calm down, and that's when I pulled myself together and started CPR.”

Although she had done CPR training before, that was a “very long time ago”, she said.

After about 10 seconds her daughter started vomiting.

“That was a bit of a relief, so Mum took over the CPR while I rang the ambulance. After a minute or so she started crying, and that's when I was really relieved.”

Jennifer is still reeling from the shock of the incident.

“I still get flashbacks of seeing her upside down with her legs in the air. That upsets me sometimes, especially at night time — I can't sleep.”

Police, St John ambulance and firefighters responded to the emergency at around 4pm and Jennifer is grateful to the emergency services that attended.

“The ambulance, police and fire brigade were here in minutes and they ended up taking over as during those minutes she was still sleepy, so Mum tried to keep her awake while the ambulance came. I just want to thank the ambulance staff, all the crew and the hospital staff that were involved

After staying overnight in hospital four-year old Lillian is now back in the pool with no side-effects and “full of life”, Jennifer said.

“She's now back in the pool, like nothing happened.

“She loves the water — she'd stay in that pool all day and all night if we had enough energy to stay outside all day.”

WATER BABY: Jennifer Koia and her daughter Lillian Koia-Logan back in the pool after recovering from a freak accident. Picture by Paul Rickard
BACK IN: Jennifer Koia and her children Lillian Koia-Logan and Braxton Koia. Picture by Paul Rickard