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SPCA plea: ‘please don’t dump puppies, we are here’

Six puppies found abandoned by the Waipaoa River at Waituhi yesterday are an all-too common sight in Tairawhiti.

The dumping of the puppies, estimated to be around four weeks old, reinforces a plea from Gisborne SPCA centre manager.

“Please don't dump, we are here,” she says. “I see if other SPCAs get a dumping, it is big news.

“But for us at Gisborne SPCA it is too common.

“For a while there we were getting a dumping a week.”

SPCA Gisborne Centre senior animal attendant Gillian Campbell gathered the puppies for a photo shoot yesterday.

The six puppies will be cared for at the Gisborne SPCA centre at Matawhero until they are old enough to be adopted out.

Mrs Magee recalls a story from November last year.

A man picking puha at the R&V site was picking up rubbish at the same time, she said.

“He went to pick up an old Pak'nSave bag to put in his black sack when it wriggled and squealed.”

Inside were four one-day-old puppies. They were bottle-fed and fostered out.

Today, they are all healthy, fit, beautiful pups, who have been successfully adopted into forever homes.

“We have so many stories like that,” she said.

Mrs Magee said their recent arrivals looked to have a little bit of foxy in them, along with larger breeds like border collie and huntaway.

It is not until pups are about three to six months old that their breeds can be identified more clearly.

Gisborne SPCA senior animal attendant Gillian Campbell has six new best friends after the discovery of these puppies dumped next to the Waipaoa River at Waituhi yesterday. The abandonment of the puppies, estimated to be around four weeks old, are a common experience for the SPCA and reinforces its plea to the public to take unwanted dogs to the SPCA, rather than dumping them. this incident comes on top of the Gisborne centre preparing for another hectic kitten season. It expects to have more than 100 kittens available for adoption. Pictures by Paul Rickard
Dumped Puppies: SPCA Gisborne Centre senior animal attendant Gillian Campbell with six puppies.

  1. Mary-Ann de Kort says:

    It’s not just puppies and kittens being dumped. People think it’s OK to dump roosters too, especially at Gray’s Bush.
    Roosters fight and suffer some terrible injuries, they are hunted by dogs and other predators, they need food and water and they annoy the neighbours by crowing.
    It’s not OK to dump any animal. If you allow pets to breed, please be responsible with the results.