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Lots of positives

The East Coast Farm Forestry Association “Trees for Bees” field day last weekend was a successful one, with around 30 participants, including Dr Angus McPherson from the Trees for Bees Research Trust seen above addressing participants at Ben and Anna Roberts’ farm Waioma, Rere.

“The day had lots of positives for bees, beekeepers and farmers,” a spokesman said.

The theme was Right Tree, Right Place, Multiple purpose.

“One of the purposes within this theme was to provide targeted bee forage during spring and autumn in particular, in order to prepare hives for pollination and honey production as well as preparation for winter.”

Apiculture New Zealand Chief Executive Karin Kos said the field day was an excellent example of how beekeepers can work in partnership with other primary sectors, like farmers, and to see the positive impact of Trees for Bees in action.

“It was good to hear how plantings had increased nectar and food sources for the bees, while also preventing erosion and increasing biodiversity.”

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