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Hain Herefords start sale season

Hain Herefords+Romneys at Pehiri kick off the annual bull sales season in the Gisborne district on Tuesday and the 31 rising two-year-old Hereford bulls they will put up have flourished in a very good season.

The Hain’s eighth annual on-farm sale begins at 3pm on Tuesday (June 4).

“Gemma and I are very pleased with how the bulls have continued to grow over the past few months,” Sam Hain said.

“It has been a good run through to the sale with the weather and pasture levels and we found it particularly difficult to place the bulls in sale order.

“Our sale is the result of a team effort and we thank all those who help make it happen.”

Sam said the long warm autumn has maintained good grass growth in the region.

“It seems that we are one of the few places with good covers moving into winter.”

Cattle and sheep prices have held strong.

“The solid weights of our livestock are a reflection of the good season we have had.

“Put these things together and you have confident Wairoa-Gisborne-East Coast farmers.”

Sam said Hereford weaners again sold well this year, with Hereford bulls fetching a healthy premium this year.

“The dairy bull market is hard to go past and seems to absorb everything we can produce.

“The markets also sound positive for meat protein in the near future due to a big shortfall in China,” he said.

Sam and Gemma look forward to offering their usual hospitality and welcome buyers on Tuesday at 3pm, Waikura Station, 1620 Pehiri Road.

LOOKING GOOD: Sam and Gemma Hain (pictured) and their team will present 31 of their R2 Hereford bulls for sale by auction on their Pehiri property on Tuesday afternoon and they are well pleased with how they have come through an excellent season. Pictures supplied
Hain Herefords