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Bull Walk dates

The dates and itinerary have been set for the annual East Coast Angus Bull Walk being held on May 1 and 2.

The walk starts on Wednesday May 1 at 9am–9.45am at Turiroa Stud, Wairoa; 10.15am–10.45am at Cricklewood Stud, Nuhaka; 11–11.30am Kenhardt Stud, Nuhaka; 12pm–1pm Rangatira Stud, Coventry Station at Muriwai; 1.45pm–2.15pm Orere Angus Stud and Alpine Angus Stud; 3pm-3.30pm Tangihau Angus Stud.

There will be refreshments that night at Lone Star from 4.30pm-6pm.

On Thursday May 2, 9am–9.30am Ratanui Angus Stud Tolaga Bay; 10am–10.30am Whangara Angus Stud; 10.45–11.15am Turihaua Angus Stud; 12pm–1pm Kaharau Angus Stud Goodwin Road; 1.45pm–2.15pm Waimata Angus Stud.

A walk at Rangatira Stud at Muriwai. File picture by Paul Rickard