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Hot scores at Waipaoa trials

THE Waipaoa Dog Trial was enjoyed by all last Friday and Saturday in very warm conditions and while the heat made hunting tricky at times, the sheep worked well and some good scores were achieved.

The ewe lambs showed their stuff across both days, however, the run out on the long head claimed many a victim.

Waipaoa club would like to thank all sponsors, judges, workers and kitchen helpers for their efforts throughout the trial.

Jorge Story and Cruz came out on top in a low- scoring long head event.

Alan Smith put a good number up to win event two, the short head and yard, with the consistent Leo Edginton just behind.

Brad McHardy performed as well in winning the zig zag hunt with May, and a score of 97.5 points. Sam Shaw was half a point behind.

The top score of the trial came in event four, the straight hunt, when Gus Spence and Ben finished on 99.

There were good numbers across the board in terms of points scored.

Detailed results — Event one, long head, judge Leo Edginton (50 runs): Jorge Story Cruz 87 1, Noddy Halley Lad 86.5 2, Allen Irwin Dot 84 3, Sheena Martin Stretch 81 4, Jo Waugh Marty 80 5. 1st intermediate Story and Cruz. 1st maiden Rob Jeffery Strike 78.5.

Event two, short head and yard, judge Bob Bryson (66 runs): Alan Smith Lad 97 1, Leo Edginton Kim 96 2, Andrew Savage Gale 95 3, Maurice Flood Swanny 94 4, Henry Gaddum Ming 93 5. 1st intermediate Smith and Lad. 1st maiden Rob Jeffery and Haze 90.

Event three, zig zag hunt, judge Gordon Martinovich (97 runs): Brad McHardy May 97.5 1, Sam Shaw Shade 97 2, Allen Irwin Charlie 96.5 3, Zeke Ingram Boof 95.5 4, Allen Irwin Joss 95 5. 1st intermediate McHardy and May. 1st maiden Ingram and Boof.

Event four, straight hunt, judge Peter McCarthy (95 runs): Gus Spence Ben 99 1, Jono McIntyre Zac 98.5 2, Guy Thompson Diesel 98.25 3, Leo Edginton Bully 98 4, Anthony Hughes Bully 97.5 5. 1st intermediate McIntyre and Zac. 1st maiden Greg McKinnon and Brick 96.5.

HEATING UP: Warm weather made for a testing trial at the Waipaoa club’s event on Friday and Saturday but there were some pretty ‘hot’ scores too despite the conditions. Henry Gaddum and Magpie were pictured in action yarding their sheep. Picture by Donna Halley