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Successful on-farm sale at Puketoro

THE inaugural on-farm stock auction at Puketoro Station yesterday afternoon drew a huge crowd and there was spirited bidding for the 6500 sheep and 435 Angus steers on offer.

More than 50 registered buyers and perhaps five times that number of other interested people travelled up the Ihungia Road inland from Tokomaru Bay for it.

“It was a fantastic sale and we got some terrific prices for most of the yarding,” said auctioneer Shane Scott from Central Livestock of Taupo.

“The two-tooth ewes sold for up to $161 and the five-year-old ewes for $100.

“The six-year-olds went for about $85 and then there were older ewes that sold for $75,” Mr Scott said.

“The best of the store lambs made $80 down to $69, which worked out at about $2.40 a kilogram.”

There was about the same level of interest in the cattle section.

“The best of the top line of Angus steers made $1315 and the second line made about $1240,” Mr Scott said.

The price per kilo for the cattle worked at $3.15 for the top line and $3.27 for the second line.

Property co-owners Tennant and Burne McNeil from McNeil Farming Ltd were well pleased with how it went.

“They told me they hoped it would be the start of an annual on-farm event for them,” Mr Scott said.

The McNeil’s completed the multimillion-dollar purchase of the former Ingleby properties early last year, described at the time as a “landmark” investment in the future of pastoral farming here.

Their property encompasses Puketoro, Waitahaia-Ruatahunga, Owetea Stations and the Pouturu property.

Tennant and Burne McNeil staged their first on-farm sheep and cattle sale yesterday at Puketoro Station, inland from Tokomaru Bay, and it was a huge success. About 50 registered buyers were joined by five times that number of interested spectators. Auctioneer Shane Scott, from Central Livestock, said “it was a fantastic sale and we got some terrific prices. Tennant and Burne hope it will be the start of an annual event.” McNeil Farming Ltd bought the composite Puketoro property from Ingleby NZ at the start of last year. Picture by Trevor Brown