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Bull walking

Rising-two-year-old Angus bulls across the region have been under the watchful eye of would-be buyers today on day one of the Angus Bull Walk.

The East Coast Angus Association started their ‘walk’ at Turiroa Stud near Wairoa this morning before moving to Cricklewood and Kenhardt at Nuhaka, Rangatira at Muriwai, Orere and Alpine and then lastly Tangihau Angus this afternoon.

Tomorrow it moves from 9am–9.45am at Ratanui Angus, Tolaga Bay, on to Lane Bros, Whangara (10.15am-11am), Turihaua (11.15am-12.15pm), Kaharau (1pm-1.45pm), and finally Waimata (2.30pm–3.15pm).

These guys were pictured at Orere Angus last week. Picture supplied