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Rescheduled Bull Walk details

The crop of rising-two-year-old bulls for this year's Angus Bull Week will be unveiled this weekend when the East Coast Angus Association runs its rescheduled Bull Walk.

The approximate times for the two days are as follows —

Saturday June 6 — 9am–9.45am Turiroa Stud, Wairoa; 10.15am–11am Cricklewood Stud, Nuhaka; 11.15am–12 noon Kenhardt Stud, Nuhaka; 12.30pm–1.30pm Rangatira Stud, Coventry Station, Muriwai; 2pm-2.45pm Orere Angus Stud; Alpine Angus Stud; 3.30pm–4.15pm Tangihau Angus Stud. Sunday June 7 — 9am–9.45am Ratanui Angus Stud, Tolaga Bay; 10.15am–11am Whangara Angus Stud; 11.15am–12.15pm Turihaua Angus Stud; 1pm–1.45pm Kaharau Angus Stud; 2.30pm–3.15pm Waimata Angus Stud.

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