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Prices firm at first sale back

THE Matawhero saleyards were back in action yesterday with the first sheep sale since March 20 and store lamb prices were firm on recent paddock sales, in line with the Stortford Lodge prices on Thursday.

However, most of the offering were of medium body condition and size.

The smaller lambs were cheaper and may offer good profits if the international markets have stabilised by spring.

Woolly lambs were also being discounted. In total, there were 1615 sheep sold — 1478 were store lambs.

Jonathan Harris once again topped the prime lambs, with a pen of six heavy black-face making $148.

Best price for male store lambs was $107, paid for 86 from Kerley Agriculture Ltd at Kanakanaia.

Mataraoa Station at Hicks Bay received best price of $86.50 for 194 store ewe lambs.

There was one pen of 70 mixed age ewes from Piritaha P/S at Ngatapa. These ewes fetched $120, were of medium body condition, had been mated to a terminal sire on January 15 and have been scanned in lamb at 160 percent.

Best prices — prime lambs: Jonathan Harris, 6, $148; Kerry Ellmers, 25, $136; Rotorua Sport Horses, 4, $125; Holmdale Farm — McBreen, 6, $122; Piritaha P/S, 4, $115; G Neilson, 12, $111. Store male lambs: Kerley Agriculture Ltd, 86, $107, 52, $100; Mataraoa Station, 65, $102.50, 84, $101, 19, $70; J.R and H.A Collier (Opotiki), 34, $80, 48, $72, 21, $56. Store ewe lambs: Mataraoa Station, 194, $86.50, 55, $73.50; Taeheke Station (Pehiri), 115, $90; Treble B Trust (Motu), 105, $80; 95, $61; J.R and H.A Collier, 123, $77, 138, $60, 16, $40.

back to normal: The Matawhero sheep sale got under way yesterday, after being put on pause for the duration of Alert Levels 3 and 4. Picture by Liam Clayton