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Whangara trial may be the last

The results were shared around at the Whangara dog trial last Friday and Saturday in what may turn out to be the last dog trial of the season.

Event wins went to Noddy Halley, Bex Scragg, Jo Waugh and John MacPherson.

A thank you to all the judges and helpers.

The sheep proved to be a hard day at the office.

The Waingake trials have been cancelled and the Tolaga Bay trial have been postponed until further notice.

Whangara may have been the last trial of the season, with “the dry” and Covid-19 making this season very trying for clubs.

The North Island and the New Zealand final have also been cancelled.

The top huntaway in the Centre, John MacPherson and Jag on 20 points, and the top heading dog Merv Utting and Fern on 14 points.

Detailed Whangara results — Event one, long head, judge Rob Jeffery, runs 43: Noddy Halley Spike 89.5 1; Dave Wallace Slug 89 2; Jo Waugh Soda 88.5 3; Henare Walker Storm 88 4; Ruie Bridge Max 87.5 5. 1st intermediate Jo Waugh Soda 88.5. 1st maiden Graeme Cook Glen 85.

Event two, short head and yard, judge Andrew Savage, runs 54: Bex Scragg Floss 92 1; Henare Walker Steel 88 2; Larry Hoole Queen 87 3; Samantha Shaw Zoe 85 4; Maurice Flood Nap 84.5 5. 1st intermediate Bex Scragg Floss 92. 1st maiden Maurice Flood Nap 84.5.

Event three, zig zag hunt, judge Laurence Rau, runs 68: Jo Waugh Sam 98 1; Noddy Halley Punga 97.7 2; Roger Strachan Rex 97.5 3; David Scragg Reef 97 4; Noddy Halley Jade 96.5 5. 1st intermediate Noddy Halley Punga 97.7. 1st maiden Cale Henstock Rick 95.

Event four, straight hunt, judge Brett Loffler, runs 72: John MacPherson Jag 92 1; Samantha Shaw Shade 91 2; C. Ruwhia Code 89.75 3; Colin Bayliss Pearl 89.5 4; Ruie Bridge Cash 89 5. 1st intermediate C. Ruwhia Code 89.75. 1st maiden C. Ruwhia Code 89.75.

Dog Trials - Colin Bayliss & Tahi
EVENT WINNER: Noddy Halley and his dog Spike won the long head at the Whangara dog trial last weekend. He was pictured here in action with another of his dogs, Punga in the zig zag hunt. Picture supplied