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Wins shared around

Annie Flood and Fye, Rod Mead and Gum, James Maher and Rogue, and Anthony Hughes and Joe shared the event titles at the Waipaoa Dog Trial Club event last Friday and Saturday.

The lambs on both heads worked well as did the two-tooth ewes on the hunts.

Waipaoa Station manager James Maher won the zig zag hunt, and the club would like to thank Waipaoa Station for providing the grounds, facilities and sheep.

Detailed results —

Event one, long head, judge Rob Jeffery, runs 53: Annie Flood Fye 96 1; Henry Gaddum Tau 95 2; Ned George Poi 94.5 3; Jo Waugh Marty 94 4; Noddy Halley Lad 93.5 5. 1st intermediate Annie Flood Fye 96. 1st maiden Steve Kelleher Ace 86.

Event two, short head and yard, judge A. Morton, runs 68: Rod Mead Gum 95 1; Merv Utting Fern 93.5 2; Bob Bryson O Shea 92 3; Selwyn Dorwood Queen 91 4; Bob Bryson Glen 90.5 5. 1st intermediate Bob Bryson O Shea 92. 1st maiden Allen Irwin Tyke 90.

Event three, zig zag hunt, judge Deano Brensell, runs 77: James Maher Rogue 98 1; Jake Roche Judd 97.5 2; Jerry Cook Trude 97 3; Allen Irwin Dan 96.5 4; Rob Jeffery Bloke 96 5. 1st intermediate James Maher Rogue 98. 1st maiden Graeme Cook Sheen 93.5.

Event four, straight hunt, judge Guy Thompson, runs 77: Anthony Hughes Joe 96.5 1; Brad McHardy May 96 2; Colin Bayliss Pearl 95.5 3; Ned George Flo 95 4; James Maher Scoob 94.75 5. 1st intermediate James Maher Scoob 94.75. 1st maiden Merv Utting Chime 94.

Big winners: The Waipaoa dog trial was well supported on Friday and Saturday and the event wins were shared around. Merv Utting showed he is back to his consistent best with a second placing in the short head and yard, in action with Fern. Pictures by Donna Halley
Working together: Jake Roche and Judd were runners-up in the zig zag hunt.