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Top dogs in Matawai trial

The Matawai dog trial last Friday and Saturday featured four different event winners and double wins in the maiden and intermediate sections for Bob Bryson and Cory McCarthy.

Ned George and Poi got up in the long head, Henry Gaddum in the short head, Jo Waugh in the zig zag and Brad McHardy in the straight hunt.

The sheep worked well on the hunt courses. Wether lambs were used on the heading courses.

It was good to have a bit of rain, breaking the drought-like conditions the dogs and sheep have been working in.

A double for two locals Bob Bryson and Oshay, winning the intermedate and maiden short head, and Cory McCarthy and Libby did the same in the straight hunt.

Next weekend's trial will be a one day event held in Opotiki on Sunday.

Detailed Matawai results —

Event one, long head, judge Leo Edginton, runs 74: Ned George Poi 95.5 1; Henry Gaddum Tau 95 2; Colin Bayliss Jet 94.5 3; James Powdrell Jet 93.5 4; Johnathan McIntyre Jock 93 5. 1st intermediate Ned George Poi 95.5. 1st maiden Hamish Thatcher Pulse 85.5.

Event two, short head and yard, judge Neville Higgins, runs 85: Henry Gaddum Ming 96.7 1; Merv Utting Fern 96 2; John MacPherson Scott 95 3; Leo Edginton Larry 92.5 4; Sam Shaw Stream 92 5. 1st intermediate Bob Bryson Oshay 90.5. 1st maiden Bob Bryson Oshay 90.5.

Event three, zig zag hunt, judge Hamish Thatcher, runs 115: Jo Waugh Sam 96.5 1; Johnathan McIntyre Zac 96 2; Allen Irwin Dan 95.5 3; John MacPherson Jag 94.5 4; William Short Blake 94 5. 1st intermediate Johnathan McIntyre Zac 96. 1st maiden William Short Blake 94.

Event four, straight hunt, judge Jake Roche, runs 115: Brad McHardy May 94.5 1; Cory McCarthy Libby 94.25 2; Laurence Rau Charm 94 3; Brett Loffler Cruise 93.75 4; Anthony Hughes Joe 93.5 5. 1st intermediate Cory McCarthy Libby 94.25. 1st maiden Cory McCarthy Libby 94.25.

TRIUMPHANT TRIAL: The Matawai dog trial club staged a successful club event last Friday and Saturday. Pictured above, Laurence Rau's dogs Charm, Hunt and Turbo "just chillin'" in the buggy. Pictures by Donna Halley
Trevor Brown and Rose were pictured in action in the short head.
Pictured above are centre president Colin Bayliss and Colt in the straight hunt.