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Kiwifruit prices almost double to hit ‘all-time high’

DOMESTIC kiwifruit prices in New Zealand were at an all-time high in December, with prices for seasonal fruit and vegetables also up, Statistics New Zealand reported this week.

“Kiwifruit prices rose 32 percent in December to a weighted average price of $8.27 per kilo, an all-time high,” acting consumer prices manager James Griffin said.

“This compares with $4.24 in December last year.”

The price rises for kiwifruit contributed to a 2.1 percent increase in overall fruit and vegetable prices in December.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables, in particular potatoes, apples, and onions, were the main contributors to the rise in fruit and vegetable prices between November and December.

The weighted average prices per kilo in December 2019 were potatoes — up 18 percent to $2.13; apples — up 16 percent to $3.80; onions — up 8.9 percent to $2.38.

Price rises for potatoes, apples, and onions are typical in December.

These were partly offset by nectarine prices (down 24 percent) and lettuce prices (down 18 percent).

RECORD HIGH: Prices for Kiwifruit in New Zealand reached record levels in December, up 32 percent to a weighted average of $8.27 a kilogram, close to twice the price a year previously. File picture