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Prices ease at a small Matawhero sheep sale

A TOTAL yarding of just 314 head came forward yesterday for the first Friday sheep sale at the Matawhero saleyards for 2020, and with a limited number of buyers prices eased on last month.

A pen of 13 medium, well shorn, mixed-sex prime lambs from I.H and L.J Kirkpatrick P/S at Te Karaka topped the lambs at $121. Kerley Agriculture, also at Te Karaka, sold 108 well-conditioned, shorn, store ram lambs for $109, their 69 ewe lambs making $106.

C.P Healey at Pehiri sold two pens of healthy, mixed-sex, woolly hogget store lambs, 40 for $90 and 54 for $70.

Meadowbank Partners sold 7 woolly, mixed-sex store lambs for $100 and 4 for $60.

Best prices — I.H and L.J Kirkpatrick, 13 prime lambs, $121, 5 prime wethers, $128, 7 prime – 2-tooth wethers, $119.50.