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Big crowd drawn to sale

A crowd of more than 300 people went up the Ihungia Road to Puketoro Station yesterday, inland from Tokomaru Bay, for their annual on-farm stock sale and the McNeil family were well pleased with how it turned out.

It was a sell-out sale across the board.

All of the 10,500 sheep on offer sold over the several hours of the sale with the two-tooth ewes topping the price scale at up to $266 a head.

“The values for them were very consistent throughout,” said auctioneer Shane Scott from Central Livestock.

“The sheep component of the sale went very well, and all of the stock, sheep and cattle were well presented.”

Most of the two-tooth ewes ranged in price from $250-$266.

“There were only two pens that sold for under $250,” Mr Scott said.

The five-year ewes made from $205-$210 for the better sorts, and the lesser sorts around $180.

The best of the mixed-age ewes sold for $205-$210, and the lambs for $100-$112.50.

“The lamb price was back a bit on last year due to the recent drop in the lamb schedule.”

There were just over a thousand steers up for auction, and they all sold.

“A line of 85 two-year-old Angus steers, weighing in at 530kg, fetched $1670,” Mr Scott said.

“Among the 15-month-old Angus steers, a line of 103 weighing 440kg, went for $1325, and another nice line of 238 Angus weighing 425kg, sold for $1330.”

The best of the Angus-cross steers sold for $1380.

“They were good buying,” Mr Scott said.

The other prices for the 15-month-olds ranged from $1100 to $1175.

“It was a very positive sale for the sheep and it met expectations.

“As far as the cattle were concerned, the prices for the animals sold met the market.

“Overall, I believe the McNeil family were happy with the outcome.

“The hospitality the family laid on was, as usual, outstanding.”

SELL-OUT SALE: The McNeil family were happy with how their fourth on-farm stock auction went yesterday. It drew a bigger crowd than last year with around 300 would-be buyers and spectators there for it. All 11,500 head of sheep and cattle on offer sold. Tennant McNeil watches over the sale of some of the yarding (above left). Both the sheep and cattle were well presented. Pictures by Ross Buscke