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Puketoro set to start sales year

One of the highlights of the stock sales year will occur on Tuesday when McNeil Farming Ltd put up this year's offering in their annual on-farm sale. This year there will be more than 11,500 head to choose from.

The event is in its fourth year, and, as usual, will draw a big crowd to Puketoro Station inland from Tokomaru Bay with the first of the stock to sell from 12 noon.

There will be 10,550 sheep on offer and 1000 steers.

The 7550 ewes on offer comprise 2500 Romdale 2ths, 1500 Coopdale 2ths, 1200 Perendale and 850 Coopdale 5yr ewes, 1000 Coopdale and 500 Perendale M/a ewes.

“The Puketoro Station-bred ewes docked 148 percent to the ram and will be presented in very good condition,” said auctioneer Shane Scott from Central Livestock.

“They are June shorn, all mouthed and uddered, and the Coopdale ewes are by eczema tolerant rams.”

There will be 3000 Romdale crypto lambs on offer.

“The weights will range from 25 to 34kg approximately. They are woolly.”

Among the steers, there will be 100 2 Year Angus and Angus X animals for sale.

“The Angus bloodlines include Whangara, Kaharau and Turihaua,” Mr Scott said.

“The 900 one-year Angus steers range from 350 to 440kg, and will be drafted into weight ranges. Again, the Angus bloodlines include Whangara, Kaharau and Turihaua.”

All Angus steers carry an Angus Pure tag.

“The steers will be sold 30 minutes after the conclusion of the sheep sale.”

Lunch and light refreshments will be provided and the McNeils always turn on outstanding hospitality.

“McNeil farming is proud to be able to offer buyers an outstanding line up of ewes, lambs and steers,” Mr Scott said.

“On larger lines, sheep and cattle will be offered in reasonably sized run-out or unit loads.

“Buyers can have confidence in the ability of stock from Puketoro Station to shift well.”

Those intending to attend the auction have been advised to use the Ihungia Road to access the property.

“Logging trucks will be using Mata Road, and drivers should be aware of oncoming traffic and drive with caution.”

STRONG START EXPECTED: The stock sale year in Tairawhiti can be expected to get off to a strong start when the McNeil family stage their on-farm sheep and cattle sale at Puketoro Station. In each of the previous three on-farm sales, the results were outstanding and more of the same looms on Tuesday. The sale will be led again by Central Livestock auctioneer Shane Scott. Pictures by Rebecca Williams
HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR: The fouth annual stock sale at McNeil Farming is set to be held on Tuesday.
The sale will be led again by Central Livestock auctioneer Shane Scott.
Puketoro Station.