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Hot prices in a hot cattle sale

It was a scorching hot yesterday for buyers at the monthly cattle and prices at the Matawhero cattle fair, where there was an excellent line up of over 2500 quality head for sale.

A large number of buyers from throughout the North Island were present and some went home empty-handed.

Prices were firm on all lines, except for some small lines of yearling heifers offered near the end of the sale. Generally the cattle were heavier this year, some prices received for some annual drafts were up by $250. The yearling steers sold particularly well. There were capital stock from Craigmore (Te Puna) Ltd at Wairoa. That station has been sold to forestry interests.

Prices/Kg: 2 year steers, $3.19 to $3.89; 1 year steers, $3.78 to $4.45; 2 year heifers, $2.68 to $3.29; 1 year heifers, $2.94 to $4.03; 2 year bulls, $3.33 to $3.40; 1 year bulls, $2.96 to $4.35.

Price details in Saturday’s Focus on the Land.

PRICES FIRM: A sizeable yarding of 2500 head greeted would-be buyers in the cattle fair at Matawhero yesterday and prices were firm across all lines except for a few of the heifers near the end of the sale. Picture by Liam Clayton