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Pest traps to be set up on Titirangi

Over the next couple of weeks Whaia Titirangi will be setting up rat traps at random locations on Titirangi/Kaiti Hill.

They have set up GPS points for 100 DOC200s and 20 Victor rat traps throughout the ngahere.

The Victor traps will be monitored by Nga Manu A Rehua 2020 with the help of the Whaia Titirangi team.

The traps will be set at random locations on Titirangi, some with a distance of 5m from the tracks.

These traps are baited with peanut butter and are set in customised wooden boxes to specifically target pests such as rats, mice, hedgehogs and stoats.

Next year Whaia Titirangi will be setting up possum traps and live-catch traps for stray cats.

Whaia Titirangi will keep everyone in the area updated as these changes take effect.

If you live close to Titirangi and would like to be involved, get in contact with Whaia Titirangi on 027 277 9280 or on their Facebook page and they will look into lending out a trap for you to use at home.

If you do happen to come across traps on Titirangi please do not tamper with them. They play an important role in keeping native species alive and thriving.