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Fight for the future

A book about living with the climate crisis features a chapter from Gisborne-born climate activist Maia Ingoe.

The chapter is called “A Fight for Our Future” and is inside the book “Living with the Climate Crisis: Voices from Aotearoa”.

The book's editor Tom Doig describes climate change, saying, “it is there, in the background. Always. Increasingly urgent. Its ominous hum is the soundtrack to every other story we tell.”

“If Aotearoa can be among the countries to lead the world in tackling Covid-19, we could also be a role model in how to limit, and live with, the other imminent threat to humanity — catastrophic climate change.

“Contributors to this BWB Text write about their concern, confusion, anger and fear — along with a willingness to act, protest and work for change in the hope that people will join together to pull the world back from the brink.

“This BWB Text brings together Maori and Pasifika perspectives, voices from academia, activism, journalism and economics to bear witness to these troubled times.”

Ms Ingoe's contribution is the second chapter in the book.

While studying at Victoria University of Wellington, she was approached by Mr Doig a few months ago and asked if she would be willing to write a chapter for the book.

“Our first interaction was in July and we worked closely on what I was going to write,” Ms Ingoe said.

The chapter focuses on the School Strikes for Climate, which Ms Ingoe helped organise last year.

Mr Doig has seen opinion pieces and articles she has written or been featured in.

“I think having the youth perspective is crucial.

“Being able to share these experiences could help create the change that is needed. The work is not over, the fight doesn't end.”

“I wrote about the strikes along with taking the Climate Emergency petition to Gisborne District Council. I wanted to show people what can be achieved,” Ms Ingoe said.

She used her own experiences to help write the chapter.

“Without the strike community and their hard mahi I would not have been able to write this chapter.”

Living with the Climate Crisis: Voices from Aotearoa is available to purchase on www.bwb.co.nz/books/living-climate-crisis