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Conservation Week events head online

Due to the move from Covid-19 Alert Level 1 to Level 2 and 3, many events for Conservation Week have been cancelled, but the Department of Conservation has organised activities for people to participate in online.

One activity is an Instagram competition called #NatureThroughNewEyes which is all about capturing the little details in nature and appreciating what surrounds us.

The winner will be awarded a Canon EOS RP 26-megapixel full-frame camera with 4K video capabilities.

They will also receive lenses that are perfect for wildlife action shots and a carrier bag.

This set-up has a current retail value of $4599.

To be in to win, take and share a macro photo on Instagram that showcases nature in New Zealand by Sunday, August 23. A macro photo is a close-up that captures the detail of the subject.

This can be done with a camera or smartphone.

Upload your image to Instagram using the hashtag #NatureThroughNewEyes and tag @docgovtnz

More activities are available at www.doc.govt.nz/news/events/conservation-week/do-an-activity/