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Timber trees and eucalypts the focus of local field day

Timber tree alternatives to pine are the focus of a field day on Sunday.

Eucalyptus and redwood are among the pine-alternative exotics that can be used for building and furniture making.

People will have the opportunity to examine flitches of saligna, lusitanica, macrocarpa, poplar and silky oak milled by Ray Newman.

At Makihoi Forest, Brian Wilson will talk about the history of tree cultivation and the planting of eucalypts and redwoods from 2015.

Points for discussion include radiata versus alternatives, joint ventures and forestry rights, enrichment planting of native regrowth, and trees for bees. Scion entomologist, Dr. Toni Withers, will discuss eucalypt-feeding insects.

The field day begins at Ray and Grace Newman's farm at 29 Hihiroroa Road on Otoko Hill at 10am on Sunday. This is about a 50 minute drive on SH2 from Gisborne. A sign at this turn reads “Grow poplars not pines”.

After lunch (BYO) under the holly tree, the group will head to Makihoi Forest on Rakauroa Road about 20 minutes further north on SH2.

TIMBER ALTERNATIVES: A field trip on Sunday will highlight timber tree alternatives to pine, such as this Eucalyptus quadrangulataon. Picture supplied