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Gourd work

This row of hue (gourds) was planted by Year 6 Te Wharau School students during a wananga at Te Poho o Rawiri Marae as part of the school's end of year action week. Gourds relate to the ancestor Maia Poroaki, his waka Te Ikaroa a Rauru and the rohe Puhi Kai iti, said the Whaia Titirangi team's operational lead Jordan Tibble. 'By planting the hue we continue the traditions of our tipuna. Over the next four months, the hue planted by the students will develop and be returned to the school for further education. 'We feel extremely privileged to pass on traditional knowledge in maramataka (the Maori lunar calendar) and how our tipuna determined the best times to plant, fish and rest.' Hue was a staple crop for food, but varieties were also used as containers for preserving food, carrying water, taonga and sometimes incantations and knowledge. Picture supplied