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Recycling rejected -- bin too full

Gisborne resident Chris Lankshear could not believe his recycling bin was rejected because it was too full.

Waste Management's kerbside collectors left a handwritten and dated note on the side of the bin which said, “sorry over full”.

“Here we are trying to do the right thing.

“What is going to happen at Christmas with all the extra recycling?”

Mr Lankshear thinks it was because a cardboard box, folded and put inside the box, extended above the bin by about 30 centimetres.

When he called Gisborne District Council (GDC) to query it, he was told he could buy another bin.

About 14,000 Gisborne households have their recycling collected every week and on average, about 200 are rejected at kerbside — mainly because they are overfilled.

The GDC website has a section called, “So how full is overfull?”

“If products are stacked or protruding above the lip of the bin, it is overfilled and will be rejected.

“Our contractors Waste Management will collect as much kerbside recycling as possible, but it must be correctly presented. Overfilled bins have an impact on driver health and safety, as well as the environment.

“Drivers pick up the bins to sort them so when they're overfilled, unsecured items can spill out onto the road, resulting in smashed glass and other recycling blowing away.

“As a consequence, waste needlessly ends up in our drains and waterways.

“Avoid overfilled bins by ensuring plastic bottles, tins and cans are squashed and cardboard is flattened and placed underneath the bin.

“If you find one recycling bin isn't enough, you can buy an additional one from Council customer services for $10.

“When using two bins, keep glass separate in one and all other recycling in the other.

“Alternatively, you can drop off excess recycling at the transfer station on Innes Street for free.”

Which is what Mr Lankshear will do from now on.

‘OVER FULL': Gisborne resident Molly-Kaye Lankshear with her family's recycling bin that was not collected because it was 'over full'. The offending item is the flattened cardboard box inside of the bin that goes above the top. The Gisborne District Council website says cardboard boxes must be flattened and put underneath the bin. The Lankshear's bin shows how strict Waste Management kerbside recyclers are being about those rules. Picture by Liam Clayton

  1. Reg says:

    I don’t know why we are not doing wheele bins and move out of the Stone Age collection.