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What, ho!

Actor Fraser Grout is a returned serviceman, a Royal Essex Major, who has found work as a radio actor and managed to land a role in an Alfred Hitchcock triple feature for voices and sound effects.

“I had a good war despite the accommodation,” says Major Grout.

“Some of the hotels had a very poor wine selection indeed. After directing some Unit Productions, I left the service and found regular employment at the Hippodrome in London. After three seasons of The Importance of Being Earnest, radio has been a bit of a comedown.

“To try and spice things up I decided to try my hand in New York but radio here is as tedious as it was in London. I’m a bit long in the tooth for the current staunch but I will do my bit, entertaining the troops over the airwaves. I do find that you meet a better class of people in the theatre, especially the girls! What ho! Tally ho!”

Major Grout and six other radio actors are in rehearsal for Unity Theatre’s Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play. Tune into Unity Theatre from Friday next week.

Picture by Elenor Gill