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Unite for Uni-Fi

They’ve booked studio time and accommodation in Hamilton, they’ve done as much pre-production as possible at home, they’ve saved up from gigs, but Gisborne heavy metal band Uni-Fi need a bit more of a hand to record their first album.

But how Kiwi, how Gisborne is this: the six year-old-band, made up of full-time working parents who have found the cost of living and raising kids doesn’t leave much spare cash, aim for a modest target of $1000 to help reach their recording goals.

They have turned to crowd-funding site pledgeme to help get them over the line and into the studio. Contributions have got them over the halfway mark to their target sum but they need to reach their target within two months.

Uni-fi’s ultimate goal is to record an album of eight-10 original songs. A grand will get them a professionally recorded EP but a recording alone — no packaging, cool graphics or liner notes.

“We’re trying to top up funds we made through gigging and saving to meet the target for studio time,” says guitarist Michael Shanks.

“If we meet the target on the pledge we meet the minimum requirements to get into the studio to record and produce an EP within our budget.

“If we go over our target amount on pledgeme we can expand into a full album.”

The band’s preference is to record the complete album rather than sink their hard-earned funds into a full presentation EP.

Smash Palace owner Darryl Monteith has described them as one of Gisborne’s most hard-working bands; bass player Gana Goldsmith styles Uni-Fi’s steam-punk, post-apocalyptic look, such as the through-a-windscreen prosthetics, and boiler suit and goggles for lead singer Cory Garrett to give the band an overall look. Even if heavy metal isn’t your flavour there is no denying Uni-fi stage a good show. To see one of their live gigs check them out at https://youtu.be/jHzpX1PW0So

Then help them make that full album by dropping off a little cash at https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/6088-uni-fi-band-studio-goals (or if you’re typing the address in by hand, https://tinyurl.com/y5qx2bl8).

Good on ya, Gisborne.

UNI-FUNDING: Hard-working Gisborne heavy metal band Uni-Fi need a bit of a top up in their crowdfunding account to help them record their first album of original music. Picture by Rebecca Grunwell