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Loop music and love energy

Progressive, upbeat folk with beatboxing, synth-style vocal harmonies and reggae basslines are part of loop-master Erinsphere’s sound. The musician who says the dictionary definition of her name is “a surrounding or pervading good mood, uplifting environment, or influence of infectious love energy” when it doesn’t appear in the dictionary at all, except maybe in Middle Earth, weaves all aspects of a small band into a live solo performance.

Inspired by John Lennon, Bob Marley and Tracy Chapman, Sphere generates her groove from a guitar, a loop pedal a stompbox and multiple layers of vocal harmonies. The Erinsphere sound encompasses soft, popular rock, dub, roots and soul.

After forming the Dub Cymatics and touring last year with the band she has incorporated some aspects of the show into her solo set by accentuating choruses and laying background beats with the help of drum samplers, brass, clarinet and keys.

“The ‘Erinsphere’ is about creating something that uplifts and inspires, in a similar way to John Lennon’s Imagine or Michael Jackson’s Heal the World, layered right in front of your eyes,” says the musician.

“But you might want to wear your dancing shoes.”

Erinsphere plays at the Dome garden bar, Sunday, 6pm, free entry.